Roll Towels
 Multifold Towels
 Singlefold Towels
 Cente Pull Towels
 C-Fold Towels
 Jumbo Bath Tissue
 Bathroom Tissue
 Facial Tissue
 Perforted Towels
 Toilet Seat Covers
 Paper Cups
 Paper napkin
Industrial Gloves
 Latex Gloves
 Vinyl Gloves
 Nitrile Gloves
 Working Gloves
 Sealing Tape
 Stretch Wrap Film
 Can Liner
 Cleaning Tools

Agio Group Inc. is the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of paper towel, tissue and disposable kinds of gloves at the most competitive price while maintaining the flexibility to meet our customers' needs.

We manufacture and distribute high quality, cost-effective products to service and provide exceptional to a local,regional and national customer base.

We have our own professional manufacturing factory and also sell container programs to our largest customer.

Only a call, fax, or e-mail when you need. That is your best choice to SUNNYCARE products.


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